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4 Shoestring Budget Marketing Tips

Looking for ways to market your small business without breaking the bank? Here are some of the most effective shoestring marketing tips that Market Street Funders customers use to increase their sales and grow their businesses.

Be sure to experiment with the small business marketing tips on this list to see which are most efficient for marketing your business. They may not all be home runs for your specific type of business, but these have all been proven to help many successful small business owners.

1. Take control of your PR

Figure out where everyone turns for information about your type of products and services, then reach out to those outlets and build a relationship. This takes time, but the payoff can be huge. There may be a food writer in your town with 10,000 followers on Twitter - they need to eat at your restaurant. Who is the face of fashion in your city? They should get their hair styled at your salon.

By reaching out to the right local influencers, you’ll potentially be getting big time exposure for almost nothing outside of the time it takes you to build that relationship.

2. Create strategic partnerships

A nice dovetail from building PR relationships is creating strategic relationships. Are there non-competitive businesses in your area who have the same types of customers? That #1 yogi in town whose classes are booked up for weeks in advance? They may just have space in their studio for some samples of your top selling juice cleanse. Partnership opportunities can be found all around if you look for them.

By baking your products or services into what they do (and perhaps vice versa), you can get access to a whole new audience of buyers that fit your ideal customer description.

3. Apply for local business awards

Depending on your business type, there are likely a host of different local awards that you may already qualify for. These awards get aggregated into online and printed lists, which then can get lots of circulation.

Look for that ‘Best Pizza In Wichita’ submission form if you’re confident in your za. If you know that you make the ‘Best Wedding Gowns In Harrisburg,’ find that award and throw your hat (bouquet?) in the ring. Better yet, if there’s no award for your category of business, suggest that they create one - nothing says ‘sure win’ like no competition!

4. Email Marketing

For many small businesses, email is one of their most effective marketing channels. Do you have to collect email addresses as part of your service, like setting appointments, reservations, or notifications? Add an opt-in button, and create a low-cost newsletter to stay in touch with customers even after their appointment - we outlined some of the better small business email options in a recent blog post.

If you don’t ask your customers for their email address, find a way to work that into your process. Giving a sale receipt at the register? Use Square and ask if they’d like their receipt emailed to them instead - save some trees and build a relationship with those customers through email marketing.

These are just some tips for marketing your small businesses on a shoestring budget - have you used any of these recently? Do you have any other effective on-the-cheap marketing ideas for small business owners to experiment with?

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