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1. What do you offer?

Market Street Funders takes your business seriously. We have worked diligently to develop tailored lending and funding programs supported by the best providers. Our select providers deliver real capital, at the best prices, in the shortest amount of time possible.

2. How can I use your financing?

Our business funding programs can be used for a wide variety of purposes like the purchase of new equipment and equipment repair, hiring, marketing, expansion, inventory and purchasing, working capital, debt reduction, and many others.

3. How are your products priced?

Our business funding programs are competitively priced and businesses with strong track records typically find our prices extremely competitive. Pricing is based on the strength of your business, cash flows, predictable revenue streams, historical performance, and other common sense factors. Pricing is NEVER based on arbitrary, secretive formulas that assign a number to your business.

4. What are my chances of getting approved?

On average, we can get 4 out 5 businesses approved for funding. We have designed the approval process to be as pain free as possible. We are going to ask you simple, common sense questions about your business. We will also need a few months of bank statements. Based on these common sense questions and minimal documentation, we can ensure that the strength of your business - not some mystery score - drives your approval.

5. How is the approval process different than a bank?

We realize what a hassle it is to get a traditional bank loan - all the forms, all the documents, the weeks of waiting. So we threw the traditional bank process out the window and started over - we just ask meaningful questions, ask for simple information, and can provide an answer within days. Approval is based more on the strength of your business, cash flows, predictable revenue streams, historical performance, profit margins, and other common sense factors.

6. What is the typical duration?

Our funding and factoring programs are designed to match repayment to revenue cycles. As a result, we have programs that go from 3 to 18 months. We don’t believe in paying for last year’s expenses with this year’s revenue. No one ever grows a business like that. We work to match your capital needs to your revenue season(s) so you are paid off quickly and can get back to growing your business.

Our loan programs are designed for larger amounts and longer repayment periods. We can match borrowing needs of up to $500,000 with durations ranging between 12 to 60 months.

The program, price, and duration are decisions we make together to ensure the best possible fit for your business.

7. How does the repayment work?

Unlike bank loans that require large monthly payments, the repayment of our loan and funding programs are matched to your revenue. Over the duration of your loan, small daily payments are electronically withdrawn from your account. These tiny payments allow you to manage the ebb and flow of your business without ever creating the stress of having to make a large monthly payment. We made this the simplest part of the process, it is literally, “set it and forget it”.

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